Top 7 “Star Wars” video games which every fan should play

start wars

For the new upcoming Star Wars movie, we are all shaking with excitement. How to make the waiting less painful? Let’s play some classic Star Wars games and remember the good old days of the Republic.

Many modern gamers have not yet been born, when thousands of people have already fought in Return of the Jedi and Super Star Wars, X-Wing, Tie-Fighter and other hits of the early 90’s. Since then, dozens of Star Wars games have appeared on the market: some of them have become a real classic, while others have been undeservedly forgotten. Hardly even the most faithful fans of the saga will be able to recall some cool projects, except for the epoch-making KOTOR, the “Jedi Academy” and a couple of games of the middle peasants from the “zero” ones.

In our review, we will abandon the usual rating format, where the games are awarded 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd places. This is too commonplace for the “Star Wars” universe, where there are many successful and completely different from each other game projects.

Super Star Wars

Of course, this is a very ancient product: in SSW there is no 3D image, no smart units, no complicated quests … all that will appear in games as early as 95-96. But this is the most thoughtful and diverse arcade series on Star Wars in the world of 16-bit consoles!

Here you can actively change the characters, and skills, health reserves and special devices from Luke, Chewbacca and Han Solo will be different. The arcade mode competently alternates with the simulator of flights on the warship. Yes, yes, the “Death Star” you will destroy after long walks on its surface. And the real fans will touch the soul of the full correspondence of all game scenes to the plots of films. Even enemy mobs here are not sucked from a finger, as was often the case in ancient console games, but taken from the bestiary of George Lucas.

Shoot, fly, jump and dodge in Super Star Wars will have to constantly. By its speed, the game resembles modern slashery: enemies, and then there is a mega-capture with the boss level. Now it looks a little monotonous, but for 30-40 minutes of gaming without boredom the arcade is enough. You can complete all three games in 5-6 hours. But this is the case if you are constantly saved: for our time, SSW is characterized by an ominous complexity! And it’s worth playing: at least to brush off the tear of nostalgia from the eyes! By the way, the merits of this series can be judged by the fact that in 2009 it was re-released in the “digit” for the Wii.

Star Wars: Tie-Fighter

In many tops “Tie Fighter” is pushed aside for the sake of its predecessor – “X-Wing”. But we still consider TF more advanced and dynamic. This is a classic space simulator, which can learn a lot from other modern developers. It had everything: short and dynamic missions, a variety of units and the first in the history of gaming the opportunity to stand on the dark side of power. After all, all shootings were fought on behalf of the imperial fighter. Cool for the early 90’s!

By our time, only the mode of obtaining missions has become obsolete … These cumbersome dialogues are boring and tiresome. But the game itself pleases (but we recommend finding an enhanced version of the Collectors CDROM, there is improved graphics). What is the variety of ships and tasks: you have to drive on fighters, bombers, interceptors and even shoot from the board of the imperial cruiser. Under the functionality of each of the 6-manned means will have to be adjusted, which means your head will always work. Aerobatics in space, secret missions, a complex plot … we have, for which to love Tie Fighter!

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

At this game ends the era of romantic game projects for the “Star Wars”. In a couple of years, the general fashion will come to the market for shooters and RPGs. And here we still have the opportunity for “classic flying”. With all the advantages and disadvantages of a fighting arcade simulator. We promise: above some levels you will be busy for hours, while others will fly in one breath.

You will fight in one of the 5 available warships on the planets, many of which are not familiar to us from the original Lucas films. The plot of the game occurs between the actions of the fourth and fifth episodes: “The Star of Death” has already been destroyed, but local fights are with varying success. However, the history of the universe cannot be distracted: the most interesting happens on the battlefield.

There are very different levels. You will have to destroy dozens of AT-STs, defend the base on the homeworld of Han Solo, escort the rebel ships in space and kill the scout drones … The gamer is always surrounded by armed to the teeth allies and not the stupidest enemies in game behaviour. You have to shoot and swing a lot, so for the game it’s better to use the joystick. It turns out bloodless, but spectacular in the best traditions of the “Star Wars”.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

By the year of publication this fascinating shooter can be attributed to retro. But the concept and the gameplay in front of us is quite a modern game. Of the entire series of Dark Forces, she likes us the most. Here, for the first time, competent management of the Jedi sword and Force appears, and the change of characters in the course of the game is conditioned by a nonlinear plot. A very steep opening for his time was the possibility of distributing experience points to the “dark”, “light” and “neutral” side of the Force.

By the way, Dark Forces II had the most promising multiplayer for its time. There it was possible to arrange epic cuts with friends. But in this matter the project ruined the lack of its game servers. Massive passion Dark Forces in the online and did not become.

The game has only 20 levels, but they are more complicated than in the same Force Unleashed. In addition, the gamut is diversified by the abundance of weapons, from which you can shoot, split and detonate. A real classic!

The Force Unleashed

It was an attempt to do something more than just play. It was launched together with a novel and a comic book, over which Lucas himself puffed. However, to eclipse the glory of KOTOR this project failed. Against this background, it was rustic and sometimes even boring.

But our team remember this product. First, thanks to the intricate plot about the adventures of the doubting disciple of Darth Vader Star killer and the open ending. Secondly, thanks to the attempt of developers to diversify the capabilities of the main character. We appreciate this product for emotions: when you drop a whole group of clones with lightning bolts of force, you really feel the power of the Dark Side :).

In format The Force Unleashed is a mixture of action-RPG and slasher. You will perform intricate missions on behalf of the Sith Starkiller: to chop off opponents with a lightsaber, to strangle them with the help of Force, to let lightning enemies go. It is necessary to kill a lot, variously, but thoughtfully. Your hero will even be able to knock the Star Destroyer to the surface of the planet with the help of Force!!! At the same time, management does not seem overloaded: it is, on the contrary, understandable and intuitive.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Hardly anyone will argue that it is KOTOR – the most adequate and full-fledged series of games in the universe of “Star Wars”. It is very difficult to find any shortcomings in it. Yes, we will not! Of course, the first game is stronger, the second is slightly weaker. But together – it’s just a sample of interesting and complex RPGs.

Plots of both games occur long before the events of the movie. Let’s pay tribute to the developers: they did not overstep the stick with fantasy and wrote two independent plausible scenarios. There are very charismatic characters like Darth Revan, Kree and Bastila Shan, for whom you really experience. Not for nothing many fans consider KOTOR to be an official prequel to Star Wars (although this is not true).

Why should both KOTOR be played again?

For the sake of the developed system of pumping a character with which you can grow either a powerful Jedi warrior or a universal Jedi Guard. For the sake of the nicest droids in the whole universe and amusing mini-games … For interesting sub-quests that cost 100% (even for those who usually skip them). But the main advantage of KOTOR `s – reinforced concrete gameplay! Humanoids are better to kill with one weapon and magic, the droids – the other, and the Sith – the third. With the balance of power, you should not joke at all: even the behavior of all the characters depends on it. And in the second part there are even different techniques for owning a lightbox. Everything is worked out to the last detail! A great excuse to kill 40-50 hours of your life on the passage of the legendary game rather than on another binge playing Australian slots. No matter how much their jackpots are worth, you know that KOTOR has a lot more meaningful storyline.

Star Wars: Battlefront

The middle of the world’s zero online gaming was the time of Battlefields. People were impressed by the opportunity to play at once with dozens of live contenders on huge cards. As a result – the developers created a whole line of games, among which the “Battlefront” series. We are not going to talk about the last “Battlefront” yet, but let’s recall two classic games.

They are justly scolded for the numerous shortcomings: raw game mechanics, weak graphics … But so far Battlefronts have given us the opportunity of the largest penetration into the world of Star Wars. Where else would you become a participant of such global battles, and not surrounded by bots, but with other fans of the series!

There is no need for a long pumping: you immediately go into the game and you can cut down any opponent. Do you want to – get into the laser turret or AT-ST, if you want – fly the fighter. At the disposal of the player in addition to an authentic set of weapons from the SW are dozens of vehicles and other deadly bonuses.