Movies for geeks: 16 films about strange geniuses

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It is believed that genius almost always goes hand in hand with insanity. But maybe it’s just a uniqueness that many are not ready to accept? In our selection of films about geniuses, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with unusual stories about unusual people. Sometimes I want to see a movie where you are glowing, inspiring, you want to understand the nature of genius and become a part of this genius.

1. Limitless (2011)

New York writer Eddie, wishing to overcome the black streak in life, takes a classified drug called NZT. The tablet takes the guy’s brain to work in an unreal power. This creative drug changes Eddie’s entire life, in a short time he makes a lot of money, but soon begins to suffer from the ominous side effects of the drug.

2. Transcendence (2014)

An outstanding researcher in the field of artificial intelligence, Dr. Will Custer is working on the creation of a computer that will be able to gather all the knowledge and experience accumulated by mankind. Fairly controversial experiments conducted by Will, glorified him and at the same time made the main goal of a radical anti-technological grouping.

3. The beautiful mind (2001)

From world-wide fame to sinful depths, John Forbes Nash Jr. learned all this from his own skin. The mathematical genius, he at the beginning of his career made a titanic work in the field of game theory, which turned this section of mathematics and practically brought him international fame. He could have made fortunes out of free spins promotions and other online games needing strategy nowadays. However, just at the same time arrogant and successful women Nash gets a blow to fate, which turns his own life.

4. The genius (1991)

Leningrad early 1990’s. Sergei Nenashev is a co-operator, and a talented inventor, the author of many proposals, has a lot of author’s certificates with which his toilet is pasted. With the help of his extraordinary mind, he found himself not quite legal earnings. His ingenious and technical magnificent operations hurt the interests of not only law enforcement bodies, but also bloodthirsty mafia structures.

5. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Will Hunting is a guy with a brilliant intellect, allowing him to make discoveries in the newest areas of mathematics, and a magnificent eidetic memory, with which he easily manages to accumulate encyclopedic knowledge. But the bearer of these talents gives them little value. He works as a simple cleaner at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and lives alone in a meagerly furnished house in the shabby neighborhood of the southern Boston area.

6. Pi (1997)

A talented mathematician Max Cohen has been trying for many years to find and decipher a universal digital code, according to which the exchange rates of all stock exchanges change. As we approach the solution, the world around Max turns into a gloomy nightmare: it is pursued by powerful Wall Street analysts and violent fanatics from a secret religious sect who are ready to commit murder in order to find the code of the universal universe in their ancient sacred texts.

7. The Pianist (2002)

The summary of the film “The Pianist”. The film is based on the autobiography of Vladislav Shpilman, one of the best pianists of Poland of the 30s of the last century. The main character of the film – Vladek – is engaged in art until the territory of Poland is occupied by the Nazis. The life of all Jews is changing: they are placed in the Warsaw ghetto, are forbidden to work, humiliated, forced to wear distinctive bandages, and after a while they are sent to a concentration camp.

8. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Frank Ebegnail managed to work as a doctor, lawyer and pilot on a passenger airline – and all this until reaching full age at 21. Master in deception and scam, he also possessed the art of document forgery, which ultimately brought him millions of dollars, which he received on false checks. FBI agent Carl Hanratty would have given everything to grab Frank and hold him accountable for his deeds, but Frank always takes him one step further, forcing him to continue the pursuit.

9. Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows (2011)

Sherlock Holmes has always been the cleverest … and up to now. Until the criminal genius Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) appeared, not just Holmes in terms of intelligence, but such that his villainous nature and absolute unscrupulousness can give him a head start before a famous detective.

10. The Phenomenon (1996)

Auto mechanic George Malli is hopelessly in love with a charming woman who recently moved to his town. She does not want to tie new relationships, and only a miracle can help an unlucky fan. And it happens … On the day of his birth, some mysterious power gives George the unique mental abilities and gift of telekinesis.

11. The talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Tom Ripley knew that sooner or later he would break through to the top. Once, after a casual acquaintance, one of America’s richest men gives Tom the order to go to Italy and convince his son, who is spending money in Europe, to return to the States … Soon Tom is already getting to know Dickie Greenleaf and Marge. Their luxurious life fascinates Tom. And later the circumstances are such that he decides to take Dickie’s place.

12. The proof (2005)

Catherine struggles to reconcile herself to the death of her father, an outstanding mathematician, whose genius was next to madness. To survive grief, overcome long-hidden fears and overcome spiritual depression, one of the former students of the father Hel, who digs through the notebooks of the scientist, in the hope of finding another proof of his greatness, helps her.

15. Lovers of Shakespeare (1998)

1594 year. The young playwright William Shakespeare is in a creative crisis: the muse left him, there is no money, the owner of the theater requires a new play from the author in the shortest possible time. And when, it would seem, the writer does not have any hope of gaining a new inspiration, Love itself, in the person of charming aristocratic Viola, invades his life.

16. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

Free screen version of the novel by Patrick Zuskind. Jean Baptiste Grenouille is the best nose of Paris. Smells for him became the most important impression of the world, and to create the perfect fragrance, he will not stop at anything ….