Geeky Gadgets that You Will Use Every Day     

dbz lamp


Here are a few gadgets that we think you should get for your home. Bring back the memories with these classics.

We bet we can all find a little bit of a geek inside us. It doesn’t have to be fascination about science or space travel. Or fantasy fiction world. Not to say there is anything wrong with that – it’s just enthusiasm for your topic of interest.

Let’s not digress. The point is, whether you are in love with science or technology or not, we love the gadgets that make our lives easier. Come on, you always wanted a secret door, a Star Wars themed platter or something else that you couldn’t have as a kid.

Here are top must-have things to satisfy the geek in you:

Superman book Shelf

superman bookshelf

Created by Burak Dogan, this superman-inspired book shelf will be a highlight of your room. Place a nice couch or a comfortable armchair next to it and you will want to stay there and read every book on it.

Dragon Ball Z lamp

dbz lamp

Please tell us whether you don’t agree that this lamp can go well in any teenagers room or a grown man’s desk? It looks just as impressive during the day sitting on the desk as it does lit in the evening.

And here’s a bonus: all parts can be ordered separately and applied to different designs, saving you around $40 or $50 per lamp. Even if you are looking for a present, order, pack and let them build the lamp themselves as part of the fun.

Death Star Chip Bowl

deathstar chip bowl

Suitable for any party. Whether you have two guests, a dozen or you want to simply relax to play 30 free spins, this bowl will be your go-to vessel.

It’s a sturdy bowl which will not be easy to knock down and you won’t have to get up every few minutes to get more.

Super Mario Bros Glass Cube

mario bricks

For whiskey or lemonade, does it really matter? Made from tough glass, these cubes will go with any kitchen. In fact, you could decorate your whole house in 8-bit décor. It will be cute.

Minecraft Jug

minecraft jugg

Just like the Star Wars chips bowl, this jug has a benefit of being humongous, so you don’t have to go back and forth filling it up every time.

If you also get the Super Mario Bros Glasses, it will be a nice 8-bit addition to your collection.

What we love about Minecraft is that more than most themes, you can go full redesign in this style. We are not only talking sheets and cups. There are Minecraft-themed lamps, desks, everything. And even if you don’t find it, Minecraft is also an easy style to replicate yourself.

Pacman Alarm Clock

pacman clock

Brings back the memories, doesn’t it?

This alarm clock is very simple and won’t be for everyone. But Packman was simple, that’s what makes it special. You have to tried it – your mornings will be ‘Wakka Wakka awesome’.