Forgotten Games for Geeks

Forgotten Games for Geeks

By the middle of the wonderful 80s, there was a lot (with quality) of games for geeks. Thus, for example, dungeons and dragons faced each other in the scene of a given game, while dividing the fathers and mothers of the time around the world. Usually, dungeons were for mothers and dragons for fathers. Part of the problem was that various religious groups saw the game called “D & D” as the first step toward Satanism. Religious prejudices prevailed over that.


  1. Judje Dredd

This game, considered in itself was great. However, some, at present, when we observe it we think that the best thing is the background fluff in the main characters of this forgotten game. It was truly great to see and play with everything that happened with Starlord and his bad readings. It was great, too, what happened with 2000AD, with the Dark Judges, with the Angel Band and with Chopper.

As in many other games of the time, in Judje Dredd we could see extra “ingredients”, such as the dreaded “Lawgiver” and the powerful ”Lawmaster”, who were part of the judges team. These fun features of this forgotten game have come up again and are in the hands of Mongoose Publishing.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It is impossible to overlook this unforgettable classic of Ninja Mutant Turtles. Long before the movies, cartoons, comics and well-known action figures TMNT & OS already existed. It came from an original comic strip, created by Eastman and Laird. It is clear and obvious that it was quite different from the familiar plush we know today. TMNT & OS was established in a post-apocalyptic world.

For this reason, the characters could adopt the form and behavior of any form of mutant animal and not just a turtle. Although the fun was maximal, this was one of the clearly grittier games of the geeks. In addition, it was one of the first games in which practitioners acquired some mental illness, while they could choose their sexual orientation, which was quite daring for the 80s.


  1. Middle Hearth Role Playing

In this case, the MERP was in the world of Orcs and Hobbits. Although almost everyone loves the work of art and the background lint in Middle-Earth and all their careers, we can see that it is a game a little difficult to play. The rules were much more complicated than the other D & D game we mentioned earlier. However, for the experienced players of an RPG, the subject became very interesting when practicing this curious and fun game.


  1. Paranoial-Hardback03

It was a fun game that was set in the dystopian future of the Alpha Complex, while developing in a large and huge vaulted city (governed by “The Computer”). It resembles, a little, the games called “Run de Logan” and “Hal” (2001), so that those who practice the latter two could be “transported” to the wonderful 80s.