6 TV shows about computer geeks

Geeks on television now in favor, but there are not so many computer geeks among them. To the broadcast of the new series “Silicon Valley” we collected six TV shows about computer programmers in the range from anime to historical drama.

Silicon Valley

silicon valley

High-tech gold rush in the Silicon Valley leads to the success of those who are least able to cope with it. The series is filmed by the real insider, so it is quite trustworthy. Its creator Mike Judge in the late 80’s worked as a programmer in the computer bowels of San Francisco. His colleagues describe Judge as “Stepford wives”: “They all sincerely believed in something, but I do not know what it is.” Three months later, the future creator of “Silicon Valley” resigned, and after another 25 years he took off for HB Stop and burn. A sitcom about computer geeks in their natural habitat.

Halt and Catch Fire

halt and catch fire

Well, that’s the time when it became possible to create historical, if not to say costume, dramas about computer geeks. The action of the series by Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers develops in the early 1980s. To be precise, exactly one year after IBM released the first personal computer in history – IBM PC. Former IBM manager Joe Macmillan (Lee Pace) is trying to develop a competitive product in his company Cardiff Electric.

Weird Science

weird science

Cyber-fantasy for teens with the participation of one computer geek – the 15-year-old genius White, his friend Harry, a classic worried teenager, and the computer genie Lisa, created by Harry and White in the image and likeness of models from Playboy and fulfilling desires. Some teenagers fantasize about no deposit free spins, some about Playboy “bunnies”. Maybe we should be happy this movie is fantasy and they will not get to enjoy either.


sandra bullock net

Serial adaptation of the cult film of the same name in 1995 with Sandra Bullock. Computer technician Angela Bennet accidentally receives information about the organization of cyber-terrorists who plan to establish total control over people through the Global Network. Criminals, hacking into state information systems, change all the data about Angela. She loses her home, her job and falls into the list of the ten most wanted fugitives. In general, the action is enough for 22 episodes. Even strange, as it was the director of the original “Network” Irwin Winkler managed to meet at two o’clock.

Combat programmer Sirase

battle programmer

A charming Japanese anime about a computer geek with elements, oddly enough, etti (light cartoon erotica). The main character is the ingenious programmer Akira Sirase, who specializes in hacking and is known in the world of hackers as the Battle programmer Sirase. He freelances on different people, performing rather strange orders related to computer security. The company is made up of a pretty schoolgirl Misao and her friend Yoriko, who works for the US Navy.

IT Crowd

it crowd

And here is the sweet, which we left last. The best ever created series about computer geeks – The IT Crowd. His main characters are a couple of tech support employees of some fictitious British corporation and their newly appeared boss who got into the IT department for a misunderstanding. The short series is simply imbued with hilarious jokes and surprisingly accurately portrays the relationship between administrators and the team, far from any kind of technology. That there is only one episode in which Moss and Rey play Jen, telling her that a black box with a flashing light bulb is the Internet, than involuntarily provoke panic at the shareholders’ meeting.