5 birthday gifts ideas for geek

5 birthday gifts ideas for geek

1. Give him a great Video Headphones

This is a great gift for a geek who, as we all know, enjoys these activities to the fullest. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that it is a gift a little expensive, but it is worth making the effort among several of the friends who will attend the celebration because most likely our geek friend will jump for joy. And not for less, because it is a gadget that has a complete mobile audiovisual entertainment system, with virtual reality usable iWear and that, in addition, offers a wonderful immersive entertainment.

2. Another great choice for a classic geek is a drone

If among several of her/him friends, they can pick up about 130.00 euros, our geek friend will be ecstatic with a wonderful 5.8GHz four channel drone that also has a six axis mega gyroscope and is quite stable. Do you think “little” with this? Then, we will tell you that this drone has a 720p HD camera with an 8GB memory card.

3. Another wind that will make him literally mad, he is a levitator
Keep in mind, though, that we are not talking about a Tibetan monk. It is, rather, a fantastic gadget that levitates as if it were “an act of magic or another dimension”. If something like all true geeks, it’s levitation. The one we show in the image (which looks like the future) is only worth about 80 euros. But if your budget is not enough for this price, in the market, there are many levitating gadgets that cost between 10 and 20 euros.

4. Every respected geek will love to make magic to be the center of attention
It is a restless light that your geek friend can handle her/his fingers as if it were a tangible/physical object and enter it on the screen of her/his smartphone. You can find it available in six colors and even has a holographic viewfinder in which appears, as if by magic, a nice mosquito.
There are many magic tricks that your geek friend can do with her/him Smartphone, since this magic light works by just downloading the magic light app (not the normal one we are already seeing in stadiums and other public shows) and generate the illusion that the light is entered on the screen of her/his cell phone.

5. For only 40 euros, you can give your friend geek this wonderful robotic bird
It is a robotic bird designed to mimic the flight of a real bird. It has a 2.4 GHz transmitter that allows it to fly outdoors and without risk of interference, while simulating the flight of a real and true bird, thanks to the remote control by tail thimble.